• What process do I need to complete to book my Diggit room?

    Booking your room is very easy. Once you have selected your preferred building you can easily contact us through the various contact forms and buttons or by mail. Once you have provided us with the necessary contact details, all administration will be handled swiftly by our Diggiteers and you will be duly informed of the next steps (signing of contract, deposit payment, check-in dates, etc.).

    Would you like to pay a visit? Check our website and social media and stay informed or contact us for a personal site visit and we will be happy to arrange it for you at the appropriate time and date.

  • Can I reserve a room without booking it?

    Rooms cannot be reserved without entering into a rental agreement. Diggit students that rent a room will however be provided with a temporary right of first refusal for renewing their rent fort he next academic year.

  • What room types do you have?

    Diggit offers a range of room types from standard rooms with shared facilities to en-suite rooms for individual use only. Everything depends on your budget and preferences, but our Diggit spirit and service is always included, no matter what type of room you choose! Please take a look at our various properties to discover each room type and the facilities of each individual building.

  • How much is the deposit? How is it paid?

    The deposit amounts to the (legal) standard of 2 months’ net rent. Deposits are paid on the account number provided by Diggit c.q. its administrative proxhyholder. Cash deposits are not allowed.

  • Which costs are not included in the rent?

    The rent covers all renting costs except for (i) a one time fee amounting to €100 for new tenants, covering the check-in & check-out costs for the student related to the pre/post-tenancy inventory and (ii) depending on the building, monthly costs for electricity, gas, water and internet ("EGWI"). 

    The costs for EGWI are indicated on the website and can be a fixed or variable (depending on the building). Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.


  • What communal spaces do you have?

    Sharing is caring, and we want our students to feel at ease in their home for the year or years to come and social contact is an essential part of that venture. We therefore seek to offer both sufficient privacy in your own room, combined with shared facilities to cook, work out, study or just relax. Of course everything depends on the specific building, so take a look and see which property fits your needs and expectations.

  • Is there a locked bike shed?

    The respective accomodations and facilities on the website also indicate the type of bike shed (inside, outside, locked or not etc.). Of course we try to provide a comfortable and sage environment, including for your two-wheel drive, but good care which includes a firm lock of your own is recommended.

  • Does the contract cover 12 months or 10 months?

    All “full year” contracts are 12-month contracts. Partial rental periods (e.g. respect of partial exchange programs) are possible depending on availability. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information in this respect.

  • Are students required to maintain their rooms? Are the shared facilities cleaned by Diggit?

    The rooms or studios should be maintained and cleaned by the students. The shared accessory facilities (hallways, stairs, elevator, entrance, waste disposal etc.) are maintained by Diggit. As for the maintenance of shared spaces such as the kitchen, break out rooms, etc. there is a student rotation system, monitored by Diggit or the in house Student Diggiteer. Of course we ask all occupants to respect the facilities and to keep them clean, so that everyone can enjoy a clean and comfortable accomodation!

  • What is the internet provider? Is the internet capacity unlimited?

    Internet is provided by [Telenet Internet] or [student internet]. The capacity should be more than sufficient for the students’ standard use and we of course ask our students not to exaggerate their internet consumption in order to allow every co-tenant to benefit from a sufficient internet capacity. If the internet would unexpectedly fall down, we can be contacted and will look for a solution as soon as reasonably possible.

Another question ?

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