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Are you looking for a trendy, high-quality student room?
Are you looking for a trendy, high-quality student room?

Diggit Student Life guarantees you will find one, and so much more. Here you have a vibrant community where you can enjoy student life with no worries.

Je ideale kamer


your ideal room
  • Furnished student rooms.
  • Different room types: a basic room, room with private sanitary facilities or a studio with kitchen? We’ve got it all! 
  • Discover different buildings with communal areas and meet your friends for life.

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Diggit means making a choice of a unique concept to spend your student time. As a full-time operator, we are always busy managing the rooms and interacting with students. Our added value lies in obvious solutions, but also in small details. Inspiring group moments or a tasty surprise while studying for your exams... all will make your life in your student room a lot more pleasant.

Toffe initiatieven


Great initiatives
  • Delicious breakfasts.
  • Warming cup of soup during exams.
  • No longer believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? At Diggit they still come by with goodies!
  • Grow your own happiness with a Digit plant.
  • Get going with a Digigiteer in tow.

Something for everyone

Discover our extensive range of student rooms with various communal areas, such as a kitchen or study café. We welcome you into a warm community with student coaches and student buddies who are there for you so that you can enjoy your student time with no worries.

From a small-scale student room in Kortrijk or Ghent, to a large new building with student rooms in Antwerp or Brussels, you can feel the typical Diggit vibes everywhere. Our range of student rooms in Flanders and Brussels offers something for everyone. No diggity.

Hip communal spaces


Hip communal spaces
  • Cook together in communal kitchens.
  • Gardens, terraces and courtyards are the ideal chill & relax spots. 
  • Concentrated study is perfect in the study rooms.
  • Park your bicycle in secure bicycle sheds.

Our complementary team of Diggiteers combines tons of experience to support you. Behind the scenes, but also nearby. Every city has a jovial coach acting as a direct point of contact. They do everything they can to give your student days an unforgettable extra edge. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back. On a practical level, as well as for the occasional study tip.

Can you diggit?


Can you diggit?
  • Technical problems? Don’t worry, our handyman service will find a solution. 
  • Participate in fun events and activities.
  • Is something wrong, or do you have a question? The Diggiteers are happy to lend a listening ear. 
Want to be part of our vibrant community? The Diggiteers are ready for you.

Owner seeks... manager?

We would be happy to take care of the management of your property. Walk-rounds, contracts, practical follow-up, repairs, etc. we can arrange everything. This means you can optimise your investment. Interested in discussing the possibilities?

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