The Kotkompas

The Belgian student housing market is a dynamic market in full evolution. At present, this market is characterised by fragmentation whereby strong local differences exist in terms of supply, demand, regulations and, in general, useful and clear data regarding these parameters. Nevertheless, student accommodation plays a crucial role in supporting quality higher education and a global overview of this sector is therefore indispensable to steer its professionalisation and consolidation. After all, attracting a qualified student population contributes to the development of a knowledge economy, which in turn helps to reinforce the socio-economic fabric of student cities and by extension the entire Belgian region.

With the Kotkompas, Diggit StudentLife and our partner Stadim are trying to further map the Belgian market. The insights gained can be a source of inspiration for various stakeholders such as investors, developers, managers and governments to better respond to possible opportunities, linked to the needs of the core audience, namely students and higher education institutions.

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Diggit StudentLife is the right partner for your student housing projects. An investment or development project in the pipeline for which specific input on this niche market is desirable? An issue about student housing that needs to be tackled? Private or public party, Diggit StudentLife can be your sparring partner to analyse and implement a suitable solution. Contact us for more information.

Kotkompas bij Diggit