Professional management of your student rooms by Diggit
With Diggit, you can rely on a professional partner to fully manage your student facility.
Professional management of your student rooms by Diggit

We make sure that you can enjoy your investment to the fullest without having to take the daily hassle out of it.

Professional management of your student rooms by Diggit

Thanks to Diggit, you no longer have to worry about the rental and management of your student property and the administration and follow-up that comes with it.

We are happy to follow up on logistic tasks and any technical problems for you. So you can enjoy a good night's sleep and focus on other activities.



One stop shop for the administrative follow-up of your rental contracts, the collection and flow of rental income, reporting, etc.


Rentals, place descriptions, check-ins and check-outs and the daily follow-up are taken care of by us. Nevertheless a complaint arises? We follow it up for you! We ensure that your property and its occupants are part of our branded community and can fully count on our attention.


We coordinate cleaning and repairs. With regular visits to the premises, any malfunctions are detected and dealt with more quickly. We take care of the eyes and ears in your building, which benefits its lifespan.

Professional management of student houses in Belgium

As a partner of Diggit, you help build the future. With your investment in sustainable student housing, you are committed to the generation of tomorrow.

We live up to that commitment day in and day out.